About Blind Sensations

Blind Sensations

Written and directed by Raina Haig


'BLIND SENSATIONS', in three parts, is an expressionist film, shot on S16 and S8. The film uses a number of in-camera special effects inspired by the writer/director's personal experience of partial sight, and research into the experience of blindness. The film explores 'blind sensations', both comfortable and uncomfortable: A blind woman in a busy street seeks assistance to hail a cab, whilst a blind man journeys through a number of environments, real and surreal. The film asks: how do blind people secure and maintain a sense of personal space? Each part is three minutes duration, and can be also viewed separately.

Cast Ailsa Fairley

Damien O'Connor

Director of photography Mark Lapwood

Production designer Gianluca Bonomo

Picture editor Lou Birks

Sound editor Liv Elliot

Composer Francis Rwama

The Guardian PICK OF THE DAY, 16 July 2001

TX Channel Four as follows:

Part 1 16th July at 7.55pm

Part 2 17th July at 7.55pm

Part 3 18th July at 7.55pm

Film Festivals

NFT Disability Film Festival 2002


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