gettin off reviews

Beards and corduroys may come and go, but drugs are never out of fashion. Which leads us neatly on to Getting Off, an everyday story of 'dealing' folk, directed by Raina Haig. Made as part of 4 later's acclaimed Dogma TV series - inspired by the puritanical Danish film making collective - it was very cheap, very nasty and very good. It turned its shoestring production values to its advantage, creating a piece that was as raw and unrelenting - as only really inspired low budget work can be - and shot with a passion and immediacy lacking from more polished TV drama. Might we suggest that Channel 4 gives the series a repeat airing at a more sociable hour? The creators involved in Dogma-inspired projects are the very ones to whom Martin Scorsese was referring when he predicted that one day, some kid, somewhere would make "Citizen Kane with a hand held camera" and a death knell would ring out for the giant Hollywood set-up.

Hannah McGill - The Scotsman - 4 Dec 2000


"It's awesome! and for me is easily the best to date in the series. I honestly rate it as one of the best pieces of TV drama I've seen served up this year."

Selina Cunningham, Channel 4 Drama department.


"This is one of the most extraordinary pieces of drama this year"

Tim Gardam - Director of Programmes, Channel 4